Permit: 0410-1
Leader: Bob Lerch

date: October 9, 2004
manager: Bob Lerch
Assessment: Carroll Passage
participant1: Ben Miller
participant2: Rita Worden
participant3: Matt Goska
participant4: Charlie Knight
participant5: Joe Sikorski
participant6: Rita Worden

TimeIn: Noon thirty
TimeOut: 0230 Sunday morning


Continued survey of Carroll River passage.


With only six participating altogether, three of them bookmen, it was determined that teams of two would be the most efficient use of available talent. The other teams consisted of Ben Miller with Charlie Knight (a guest of Ben’s from Jewel Cave survey) and Joe Sikorski with Matt Goska. We traveled to the end of survey as a group and worked in tandem in the main passage. Entry was uneventful.
Bob and I worked from down stream of the water barrier toward the lunch room, with Ben & Charlie behind us and Joe & Goska up ahead. Bob and I covered 570 feet of survey from C58 to C65. We saw one cave fish, adult size, in a pool near a cherty riffle about midway through our survey. We also saw a few bats flying but couldn’t reliably identify them, grays probably or little browns.
After the meal break Bob and I continued where we left off, Ben & Charlie “leap-frogged” us and Joe & Goska continued! past the lunch room. All of this passage is highly decorated, though years of foot traffic have taken a toll on the presentation. A well marked trail could someday make a difference. Our survey ended when we reached the large guano piles, which were noted in the survey according to their labels. They’re quite impressive (cool shit).
After discussing some ideas for what comes in the next survey (more monster passage sick with beautiful flowstone and draperies!)we exited without incident.


Broken or mud stained formations ……yes
Graffitti …………….no
(FOD) Foreign Object debris ……no
High traffic area ……………yes,very
Miscellanous ………….need trail marked.