Permit:       049-1

Leader:       Dan Lamping

date:         09-04-04

manager:      Bob Lerch

Assessment:   Upstream-Round Room or beyond

participant1: Dan Lamping

participant2: Matt Platter

participant3: Mike Freeman

TimeIn:       Around noon

TimeOut:      Around midnight

Damage:       Yes

Date:         Thursday September 09, 2004

Time:         03:22 PM




Mike, Matt, and I were the first ones to make it up to the Bone Room.  After the other surveyors arrived, we left them and headed into UL4.  We picked up the main UL4 upper canyon survey where Tony and I had left off in August.  After overlapping a few shots and finishing the Superfreak Cemetery we began mapping the upper stream level above the small waterfall.  Not much water going over the edge and there is really no safe place to see it due to the vast undercut ledges that pier out over the canyon.  Once we intersected the stream we took a shot down towards the waterfall, then proceeded upstream.  Soon our stoop-walking passage went to a stream crawl after a small dome room on the right hand side.  Around 7:00 p.m. we headed out of UL4 to meet the others for dinner – hot tea and dehydrated rice & stuff…yum.  After eating, we made our way to the end of survey, made several more shots in the stream and called it an early evening around 10:30 – got cold.  After our last shot, I scooped ahead a wee bit looking for mongo borehole.  Instead, I found that the next survey team in UL4 (probably lead by me since I scooped it) is gonna have to get into some full immersion in the stream to get around some breakdown in a large meander.  It looked like it could possibly sump there…maybe just some ceiling sucking, we’ll see….

As usual we took our time heading out and of course, we were the first ones to exit the cave.  The only good thing about being the first ones out of the cave is being the first to enjoy a late night Labor Day weekend beer!  In all, we totaled around 315′ of survey.  Average ceiling height in the stream is probably 2′, with the exception of just above the waterfall for only 50′ or so, which has an average of maybe 4′-5′.

This was our first trip with the new locks on the silo and on the hatch.  Worked great.  The silo lock is sort of sticky but opens right up with a few tugs.  After de-rigging on Sunday, made it point to sweep the silo out since it was so nice and clean after the celebration weekend.

– dan


Broken or mud stained formations – nope.

Graffitti – nope.

(FOD) Foreign Object debris – Yup.  Freeman found a small metal bar in the stream, likely brought in by a past caver.

High traffic area – nope.