Permit: Your Permit Number
Leader: Randy Bruegger
date: 7-22 thru 7-23
manager: Survey Bob Lerch
Assessment: Upstream Thunder
Randy Bruegger
Earl Hancock
Jeff Page
Jeff Crews (Spike)
John Kessler
Paul Wightman

Time-In: 3:00 p
Time-Out: 7:00 p

Date: Thursday July 29, 2004
Time: 04:12 PM


Test Roos cave radio and prove with two other radios. Also to locate UL1 on the surface.


On 7-22 did surface test on Roos radio then R Bruegger, J Page and J Kessler take the Roos radio and the Hancock and Wightman radios in cave to UL1 for surface locate and testing. Surface locate at UL1 is on the mark. We also have a GPS locate by Spike.

On 7-23 R Bruegger, J Page, J Kessler’ J Crews and E Hancock set up a electrical work shop in the silo. We then tested the Roos radio with a field test to try and find a on going problem with intermittent operations. After both field testing and then component testing we found the problem. A bad end connection on both ends of a coax lead at BNC connectors. We will up grade the connectors on all components and then put the Roos radio back in service.