CCC Survey Trip Report

Leader: Daniel Lamping
Phone: 314-487-3521
date: Saturday June 6, 2004
manager: Bob Lerch
Assessment: Upstream Thunder
participant1: Jeff Crews – Spike
participant2: Dan Lamping
participant3: Andy Lerch

TimeIn: 11:30 a.m.
TimeOut: 1:30 a.m.


Mop-up survey in UL3 Maze.


After all three of us (myself, Andy, and Spike) made it down the shaft and got a tape from Bob (we all three FORGOT one!), we headed upstream to UL3. Noticing no fish on our trip, we passed Bill Gee and Lawrence at an upstream riffle, moved through the Round Room and set-up for our trip at the third UL3 entrance, leaving behind our dinner and such. Once Bob’s team made it to us, we decided on a 7:30 meeting time to eat and see where we were at. Our plan was to attend to several mop-up leads left in UL3. Our first was lead was buried pretty deep in the Maze. We headed to a dome lead found by Joe Sikorski, Kim Chiles, and myself some months ago. It was a long and tight crawl getting back there, having to pass through the Reddenbocker Squeeze, named for the “popcorn” which covers the ceiling in this low and restrictive passage. Once into the dome room, it was obvious that the restriction found in the 20′ dome would be impassable by Spike and I. Andy however, was able to squeeze through, confirming that there is passage in need of survey up there, though not as much as anticipated. Andy described it as a rather tight and convoluted area. So…getting no survey done back there, realizing that we’ll need a couple smaller people some other time (we were worried about rain also, having crawled through several tight areas prone to flood), we headed back to “camp”. By the time we got back we were all “whooped”. We could hear Bob’s team just upstream from the fourth UL3 entrance, so we went to tell him about our trip and find out where he wanted us to go. We ended up helping them confirm a few upstream leads in Thunder River which may have been side passages – they weren’t. We then headed back to the second UL3 entrance and began to finish a small sandy crawl started by Goska, Roger Brown, and myself a few months back. We surveyed for a few hours, met Bob and team for dinner at 7:30, ate and rested, headed back to the crawl, finished it, and began tying together the new leads we had acquired in completing the crawl. By midnight we were spent and had already tied together one small loop. We slowly headed back downstream, took a brief nap near UR1, and made it out by 1:30 a.m., to find it raining outside.

Dan Lamping

Broken or mud stained formations – none
Graffitti – none (in UL3)
(FOD) Foreign Object debris – none (in UL3)
High traffic area – none (in UL3)
Miscellanous – No need of any restoration in UL3.