Permit:             0505-1

Leader:             Jeffrey Crews

date:               5-7-2005

manager:            Bob Lerch

Assessment:         Downstream Thunder

participant1:       Jeffrey Crews

participant2:       Amber Sphon

participant3:       Eric Hertzler

participant4:         Roger Brown

participant5:       Bob Lerch

participant6:         Bill Gee

Time In:             1:00 P.M.

Time Out:            10:00 P.M.

Damage:               No

Rescue Supplies Used: No

Report Date:        June 23, 2005

Time:               11:23 AM


Survey and Collect water samples


After the entire team of Amber, Eric and I entered the cave we proceeded to Thunder River to collect water samples.  After sampling, we climbed up to the Angel Pool and collected more samples without incident.  We then returned to Thunder River and walked downstream to Thunder Falls.  This was the first time Amber and I had been in the river below the shaft. It was neat winding around and seeing the rope light above.  After reaching Thunder Falls we climbed down and proceeded down river where we met up with Bob, Bill, and Roger.  We went a bit down stream and started surveying in fairly uncomplicated borehole.  Amber sketched while Eric and I read instruments.  A few hours later Bob’s team tied into our survey and leap-frogged ahead.  We surveyed past an alcove/side passage on the right and left it for another day.  After we tied back into Bob’s survey we decided it was time for dinner.  We dropped packs and scooted on down the passage and met up with Bob.  While others were chit-chatting, Roger and I went up ahead a few hundred feet and found a deep Pool and DL1.  I was just able to cross the pool but to reach DL1 it was a full on swim.  I peered into the passage enough to note that it went and turned back to go get some food.  After explaining to Amber that the pool ahead would be too deep to keep her waders dry our team decided to start heading out.  We swapped Eric for Bill and started up river after eating.  We surveyed the short side passage we had found earlier but still ended up with just under a thousand feet of survey for the day.  After reaching the shaft we climbed out with an extra pack full of water bottles that Bill did not enjoy.