Carroll Cave Survey Trip Report

Date:  04/04/2004

Area Mapped: UL2

Team: Dan Lamping, Kim Chiles

Team Leader: Spike

Time In: 11:30am       Time Out: 1:00am       Duration: 13.5 hours

Two teams headed into UL-2 to push Quizno’s Canyon. One team lead by Spike jumped in front of last months survey, while the other team, consisting of Kim Chiles and myself started at the tie-in and surveyed to Spike. The two teams set out to leap-frog each other, but found that the short tight shots (about 5′ avg.) kept us from moving very fast. One shot was only 2.8′. We were lucky to tie the surveys together. Average passage width was 1′- 2’where we were at, with a 20′ ceiling height. In the end Spikes team lost moral and “umph” after being slimed by mud and having to negotiate the tight canyon, which seems to have lost promise. We decided to head out with them. Kim and I gathered just under 100′ of tedious survey while sharing a clinometer.

Dan Lamping