Date: 04/04/2004

Area Mapped: UL2

Team: Jeff Crews(Spike), Mike Freeman, Pat Moriearty

Team Leader: Spike

Time In: 11:40am       Time Out: xx:xxam       Duration: ?? hours

My Carroll Report

We entered the cave at around 11:40 and after all of our team was down
hole Mike Freeman, Pat Moriearty, and myself proceeded up river to
spread out the team while traveling. Since Pat was new member we were
moving slow and showing him around. Dan and Kim caught up with us right
before the entrance of UL2. We then proceeded to a tight canyon Goska’s
team had started mapping the month before. The idea was that with such
a difficult survey, 2 leap frogging teams could knock out more passage
so we split. My team of Mike and Pat went in first and went a few
meanders until the passage became very difficult to traverse. We mapped
around 10 stations with our longest shot at around 15 feet and what I
believe to be the shortest shot in Carroll at 1.95 feet. Dan and Kim
were able to tie in to our survey by the end of the day.


Aka Jeffrey Crews