Submitted by Bob Lerch

Date: 3/4/2006

Area Mapped: Paradise Passage (CR3)

Cavers: Team 1 – Joe Berg and Bob Lerch

Team 2 – Dan Lamping and Amber Spohn

Time In: 11:00a on 3/4       Time Out: 3:00a on 3/5                  Duration: 16 hours

Since we had not been to the Carroll River arm of the cave in a long time, we were anxious to get back and start working in this area of the cave again. We decided that the Paradise Passage, designated as the CR3 survey, would be a good place to rack up the footage. We broke into two teams of two – Joe and I; and Dan and Amber. Joe and I started where the passage parallels main passage for several hundred feet and Amber and Dan headed into the first stretch of the passage after it forks off to the south, away from main passage. Joe and I reeled off several long shots and I enjoyed the relatively easy sketching in modest-sized passage. Amber and Dan mapped some of the large and decorated trunk passage that is characteristic of the early part of Paradise. Lots of flowstone and helictites. Footage totals were: Team 1, 513.7 feet; Team 2, 428.65 feet. Total = 942.35 feet (0.18 miles).