UL2 Trip Report for 3/1/2003

By Bob Lerch

Other surveyors
Andy Lerch
Ben Miller
Spike(Jeff Crews)
Rita Worden

Carroll Cave Conservancy


Permit Number  ??

Trip Leader name:  Bob Lerch                              Phone Number: 573-449-7225

Date of Trip :            3/1/03                                  Project Manager:  T. Lounsbury

Purpose of Trip:  Survey UL2

Other Areas of the cave visited:

List the actual trip participants: 1)  Bob Lerch; 2) Andy Lerch; 3) Ben Miller; 4) Spike (Jeff Crews); and 5) Rita Worden

Time of entry:  10:45a; 3/1                            Time of exit:      2:00a; 3/2

Trip Report: (Use separate pages if necessary)

The complexity of the passage in UL2 requires two teams to do it justice. So, Andy and Ben did the upper level detail, while Spike, Rita, and I mapped stream level. We were always within a few hundred feet of each other. It was slow mapping for both teams with bewildered sketchers mumbling to themselves much of the day. After 6 hours we took a needed break. When the third team failed to meet us, we decided to go up UR1/2(?) to be sure they were ok. We found them very happily mapping along some 600′ into the passage. We had gotten our times off by an hour, and they had already taken their break and wondered where we had been. We headed back to UL2 for another 8 hours or so of slow, difficult work. Each team got only about 250′ of hard-earned passage, but it was still some nice work from both teams. UL2 is nearly as difficult to sketch as the main passage. It’s going to take numerous trips with two teams to make a real dent in this mother. The new ladder cut our exit/in time in half, but your arms will feel it by the top.

Biology note: Four cavefish in UL2 side passage. Did not see any cavefish in main stream.

Was anything noticed as far as damage or vandalism inside or outside of the cave:

If yes, Please describe:

General information:  The cave is open for permit Monday-Friday 7am to 10pm. Saturday and Sunday are open time lines for our Project Managers. Participants must have completed an Introduction Trip on their first visit, unless requesting an exception in accordance with policy. This permit must be filed within 7 days of the requested trip.

The Trip Leader will have 7 days to accurately complete and return a Trip Report.

Please return to: Eddie Simmons, Access Chairman