Carroll Cave Survey Trip Report

Date: 2/28/2004

Area Mapped: Upper Thunder near the Round Room

Team: Bob Lerch, book and sketch; Andy Free, lead tape and backsight; Bill Gee, tape and foresight; Amber Spohn, cross-sections and inventory.

Team Leader: Bob Lerch

Time In: 12:30p            Time Out: 1:30a            Duration: 13.0 hours

Our goal was to push the Upper Thunder main passage survey and tie-in to the Round Room and UL3 surveys.  We picked up from our last trip at U95 and tied-into the Round Room in just three shots. We had now tied-in hanging survey from over a year ago, and we could finally add the Round Room footage to the map! After about an hour of slow sketching near the Round Room, we began surveying the stream level detail along the right wall (looking in).  The bulk of the stream level is walking passage, with just one low area of thigh deep water over a 2’ ceiling. Beyond this annoyingly wet, low area is a very nice dome room (32’ tall).  Just beyond the dome room, we tied-in to the UL3 maze where it drains into Thunder River at UL68a7. We now had tied-in all the hanging passage! Note: UL3 was previously tied-in with a temporary survey that was not up to standard. In all, we mapped 587’ in about 10 hours of mapping.