Trip Report for Feb 7, 2004

Time in 11AM
Time out 2 AM

Survey/Bob Lerch

Trip Leader-Matt Goska

Mike Freeman
Dan Lamping
Matt Platter
Joe Sikorski

We went in to UL2 to survey, with a big fat list of leads. Well, none of them got knocked off, and more leads were located. Several of these are for small crews only (meaning that they are now Sikorski and Miller’s problem, since they are the only ones that might fit). One of these has good potential of going, given its relative elevation and heading, while the another one is probably part of the sewer system under the Toilet Bowl Room.  Speaking of, the TBR is a new discovery. This is aptly named, as the inital response upon entering is “HOLY [COW],” and the cross section of the room below and the climb up looks exactly like a ‘porcelain toilet’ from the side. The sketch for the main portion of the room was completed, but still needs a cross section. There is enough of the continuing passage so the next crew won’t have to sketch any of the main room as part of the page change. The climb up area also needs some touch up on the sketch, by someone better at pit-style entrances.

The cave fish count was low, only around 5 or so, but we were trying to make good travel time, so we didn’t notice nearly as many as normal.