Permit:             052-01b

Leader:             Dan Lamping

date:               02-05-05

manager:            Bob Lerch

Assessment:         Upstream-Round Room or beyond

participant1:       Dan Lamping

participant2:       Jeff Crews

participant3:       Tony Schmitt

participant4:       Joe Sikorski

Time In:             12:30 p.m.

Timeout:            12:30 a.m.

Damage:             No

Rescue Supplies Used: No

Date:               Sunday February 13, 2005

Time:               12:52 PM

Purpose: Survey in UL4


The four of us went into UL4 & UL5 to continue the survey.  UL5 is the survey designation for the lower level of the UL4 passage.  Spike and I took the upper UL4 while Joe and Tony took the lower UL5.  Things began slow for Spike and I, having a tough time getting into the groove with our first few shots.  We had intended on a meeting time of 7:30 to eat.  By  7:00 Spike and I were losing what little momentum we had.  We decided to head back to the Bone Room early hoping Joe and Tony would do the same.  Once we ate, we noticed Joe and Tony were going to be late.  We then began discussing calling the trip short because of our lack of motivation and the discouraging nature of the passage we were mapping in….low, wet, and muddy.  Once Joe and Tony came back, they described some rather complicated survey themselves, although they weren’t wanting to “wuss out” like Spike and I.  We finally decided that we should all stay together and that they would head out with us.  Sorry guy!

s.  After they ate, we left the Bone Room.  Having more energy than usual after surveying, we decided to improve upon the upstream trail markers.  Having gone upstream on a regular basis for so long, we’ve come to know the nature of the passage quite well.  We’ve long noticed changes needing to be made in the route of the trail, but are usually too whooped.  We moved trail markers from UR1 through below UL2.  We think everyone will benefit in the their travel with the adjustments.  There are still some changes needed to be made upstream of UR1.  We did keep in mind that some of the trail markers were to keep people from traveling through the ripples and did not move those which directed people away from them.  So…while we didn’t get nearly as much mapped as we would have liked and as we usually do, we did get some needed maintenance done.  The stream was slightly higher than usual with a noticeable faster flow.  We saw 2 or 3 fish in travel.

Dan Lamping

Resto Needed:

Broken or mud stained formations – large stalagmite at the shaft.

Graffiti – none

(FOD) Foreign Object debris – various materials around the shaft High traffic area – not in UL4