Permit:             0602-2

Leader:             Daniel Lamping

Date:               02-04–06

Manager:            Bob Lerch

Assessment:         Downstream to DL7

participant1:       Daniel Lamping

participant2:       Kim Chiles

participant3:       Joe Sikorski

participant4:       Tony Schmitt

participant5:       Val Schmidt

Time In:             11:30 a.m.

Time Out:            1:30 a.m.

Date:               Tuesday February 07, 2006

Time:               07:45 AM

Purpose:  Survey in DL7


We entered the cave w/o incident.  The trip down to Jerry’s Cairn took a bit less than 2 hours.  We stayed in the stream doing a “crocodile crawl” as much as possible.  It took nearly an hour travel time to get from Jerry’s Cairn to the end of survey in DL7.  We tied into the previous month’s survey near “The Percolator” formation.  Joe and Tony jumped ahead of Val, Kim, and Dan.  The two surveys were connected and a small upper loop was tied together which cuts around a bend in the DL7 passage.  In total, we gained approx. 800′ of survey.  The end of survey is now at the passage split in DL7.  From the upper passage to the right the main trunk is 84′ wide.  That does not include the width of the left trunk.  DL7 is a big and muddy canyon.  The entire time we were back there I was amazed and humbled by the earlier efforts of the initial surveyors mapping back there, who had much more travel time and not quite as fancy gear.

Resto needed:

DL7 does not see much traffic.