Base Line Survey, February 1, 2003

Team members: Ron Lather, Book
              Randy Bruegger, Instrument
              Matt Goska, Front sight and tape
              Spike Crews, Back sight

I had gone up to the backdoor entrance first and had inspected my rope from End to end and got it rigged to the tripod. I then went to gather the rest Of the base line team which were all gathering at the schoolhouse?

We dropped into the cave at approximately 10:00 AM and proceeded to the last Station set by the previous base line team. We picked up the survey and I was totally intimidated by the task of trying to sketch this massive mother Of Missouri caves.

We did count 9 cavefish between the back door entrance and base line Station U32.

The survey proceeded very well with the hold up being me trying my attempt At book. We called it a day and were out of the hole around 6:00PM.
Total Surveyed Base line: 647.67 feet

Ron Lather