Missouri Caves – Management, Education and Conservation

Dedicated to Protecting Caves and Karst Resources

A caver’s paradise, Currently, Missouri is home to more than 7500 documented caves. With growing interest in cave exploration, new caves are discovered in the state at the rate of 100 or more per year.
In an area that encompasses millions of acres of karst topography riddled with sinkholes, losing streams, springs and caves, wise stewardship of caves and karst is important for the people who live above the ground and for cave habitats that are sanctuaries for a wide array of cave biota and endangered species.

Helping Protect Missouri’s Karst Resources

The Missouri Caves and Karst Conservancy (MCKC) is a land trust formed in 1992. In cooperation with all individuals and organizations, MCKC members are dedicated to:
  • Conservation of caves and karst areas in Missouri through lease purchase, ownership and management, or other contractual arrangement.
  • Assisting cave owners in preserving and protecting their cave and karst resources.
  • Educating Missourians and engaging fellow cavers across the U.S. with regard to cave and karst conservation and management.
  • Promoting the scientific study of cave and karst environments.
  • Ensuring that the caving community continues to have access to caves for exploration, surveying, mapping and other activities.

MCKC Cave Affiliates

The Missouri Caves and Karst Conservancy is affiliated with the following national and state caving organizations:
If you have questions about our organization or need help managing a cave on your property, we invite you to contact us.