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The Missouri Caves & Karst Conservancy provides the following resource links related to cave conservation, exploration, cartography, photography, research and grottos across the Cave State.

Caving News & Blogs

Daily news and articles on caves, caving, speleology, karst and other information for cavers.

White Nose Syndrome - The latest national WNS decontamination protocol.

Karst Worlds - A great blog, includes technical articles, news and trip reports covering climbing, caving, mountaineering and hiking.

Caving Organizations

National Speleological Society – an organization formed in 1941 to advance the exploration, conservation, study and knowledge of caves.

Missouri Speleological Survey – a state not-for-profit organization composed of affiliated groups and independent individuals involved in exploration, cartography, photography, research and conservation.

Missouri Grottos

Springfield Plateau Grotto
Branson Area Tri-Lakes Grotto (BATL)
Carroll Cave Conservancy
Chouteau Grotto
Daedelus Grotto
Kansas City Area Grotto
Lake Ozarks Grotto
Little Egypt Grotto
Meramec Valley Grotto
Middle Mississippi Valley Grotto
Missouri School of Mines Spelunkers
Pony Express Grotto
Ozark Highlands Grotto
Southeast Missouri Grotto

Cave Conservation Organizations

American Cave Conservation Association

Bat Conservation International

Carroll Cave Conservancy is a non-profit group working to define, study and protect the Carroll Cave watershed, starting from the natural entrance, which is a registered National Natural Landmark, to the far reaches of the cave and the resurgence at Toronto Springs.i

Indiana Karst Conservancy is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Indiana's unique karst features.

Missouri Caves Association

Ozark Regional Land Trust (ORLT) - a conservation land trust operating throughout the Ozark region, which includes portions of Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, and Oklahoma. ORLT owns two tracts containing caves that MCKC manages

River Bluff Cave - Located in Greene County, Missouri, the cave is an Ice Age time capsule discovered in 2001.

Southeast Cave Conservancy

Texas Cave Conservancy

Cave Archeology & Research

CAIRN (Cave Research Investigation Research Network) is a nonprofit organization made up of trained cavers and archaeologists whose mission is to identify, document and protect archaeological sites within caves.

Caves, Karst and Springs

Missouri Caves, Karst and Springs - Missouri Department of Conservation, Discover Nature

Springs and Caves of Missouri - Department of Natural Resources

Missouri Springs - Jewels in the Ozarks

Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance, Inc.